I Lost Something in the Hills / Shana Moulton


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I Lost Something in the Hills / Shana Moulton

Passé : Mardi 18 octobre 2011 à 18:00

Shana Moulton’s performances and videos unfold atmospheric, askew narratives that combine wry humor with a low-tech, pop sensibility. Moulton became known through her ongoing video saga Whispering Pines, in which she plays the role of Cynthia, both a fictional figure and the artist’s alter ego. Cynthia is a fearful hypochondriac who resorts to the paraphernalia of esoteric instruments, alternative medicine, and natural cosmetics to escape the boredom of everyday routine. Cynthia’s home environment proves to be a magic and uncanny universe furnished with symbols and signs borrowed from art history, new-age philosophy, and advertising.

Text written for her last performance at Oslo 10, Münchenstein / Basel
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