Analix Forever Gallery

Founded in 1991 in Geneva by Barbara Polla, ANALIX FOREVER is an outstanding gallery, deploying its projects within its walls as well as abroad, privileging collaborations and co-collaborations with numerous actors of the art world. The discovery and valorization of the young creation is a key driver, as well as the promotion of three mediums of predilection: video, drawing and poetry –especially when they are rooted in political issues and the innermost depths of the soul.


Unclassifiable, Barbara Polla has never ceased to multiply her activities throughout her career, always driven by her commitment to freedom, the springs of the psyche and her passion for living culture. A doctor by training, director of research at Inserm (National Institute of Health and Medical Research) from 1992 to 1999, elected politician for more than ten years in her native Switzerland, author of numerous essays and novels, and independent curator, Barbara Polla founded ANALIX FOREVER gallery in her uncle’s former chemical and criminological analysis laboratory. With the promotion of young creation as ambition, the gallery’s first exhibitions, noticed and relayed by the magazines Purple and Flashart, revealed artists then little known to the general public but now world-famous, such as Sarah Lucas, Tracey Emin and Maurizio Cattelan, or Vanessa Beecroft and Martin Creed.

Continuously integrating young artists, the gallery develops since 2011 a nomadic program, in collaboration with Parisian galleries such as Les Filles du Calvaire and art spaces such as Topographie de l’art.


Analix Forever loves art and people who love art.
Analix Forever aims to be part of the living culture.
Analix Forever is constantly in motion.
Culture is ubiquitous; Analix Forever is nomadic.
Analix Forever respects artists and makes every effort to meet their needs.
Analix Forever requires authenticity and promotes freedom.
Analix Forever particularly loves ongoing, evolving projects; the gallery welcomes experimentation, polymorphism, works in progress.
Analix Forever is especially keen on video, drawing, poetry and unconventional artworks.
Analix Forever is a cohesive group, open–minded, friendly, and committed to research, publication, and education.
Analix Forever is glad to serve the public.

Analix Forever Gallery Gallery
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10 rue du Gothard

1225 Chêne-Bourg (Suisse)

T. +41 22 860 03 72

Opening hours

Tuesday – Friday, 2 PM – 7 PM
Other times by appointment