A Moveable Feast — Part II



A Moveable Feast — Part II

Past: October 5 → 19, 2013

On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, Campoli Presti is pleased to announce A Moveable Feast, a year-long series of solo presentations by each represented artist.

Feasts have always involved the deployment of all sorts of artistic resources. Exploring the rules of what is defended and forbidden, they generate an unorthodox space for production. Each celebration leaves their own traces, a series of marks and objects whose use value is temporarily suspended and which transgress the routine of ordinary time.

This series of presentations recuperate the idea of a feast as a means to organize time. A moveable feast is indeed a feast-day by which a date is not fixed to a particular day of the calendar year but rather moves according to a computation. Opening on Saturdays and lasting only twenty days, each presentation inscribes itself into a cyclical celebration.

A Moveable Feast is also Ernest Hemingway’s memoir of his time in Paris. As a metaphor of an experience from the past that is constantly moving, these series of exhibitions serve as an ongoing chronicle of the gallery’s programme, providing a dynamic insight of each of the artist’s praxis.

The second part of A Moveable Feast is dedicated to New York based artist Sean Paul.

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