AKAA — Also Known As Africa — Foire internationale d’Art contemporain et de Design centrée sur l’Afrique


Design, drawing, painting, photography...

AKAA — Also Known As Africa
Foire internationale d’Art contemporain et de Design centrée sur l’Afrique

Past: November 11 → 13, 2016

Akaa najia%20mehadjigalerie%20latelier%2021,%20maroc grid AKAA, Foire d’art contemporain et de design d’Afrique Pour sa première édition, la foire d'art contemporain et de design centrée sur l'Afrique, installée au Carreau du Temple, a réussi son pari d'offrir une belle visibilité à un continent en pleine mutation et dont la création reflète l'infinie diversité. Afriques capitales art paris grid Trente-cinq L’Afrique ne cesse, depuis le milieu du XXème siècle, de fasciner le monde de l’art et d’entretenir avec le public une relation ambiguë, où les promesses sans cesse renouvelées d’une visibilité accrue se sont multipliées à l’aune des déceptions et difficultés rencontrées...

AKAA — Also Known As Africa is the first art fair devoted to contemporary art and design from Africa to be organized in Paris, France. AKAA’s first edition will be held November 11-13, 2016, at the Carreau du Temple, in parallel with a Parisian cultural calendar that features photography in its spotlight. By entering into this dynamic AKAA will welcome a large number of local and international art collectors.


Akaa foire d art contemporain et de design centre sur l afrique daniel morolong beach portrait  1  circa 1950 1970  photographic print  38 x 26cm. image courtesy of morolong estate and everard read gallery medium
Daniel « Kgomo » Morolong, Beach Portrait #1 © Daniel « Kgomo » Morolong — Courtesy Morolong Estate & Everard Read /CIRCA Gallery
The new international rendez-vous for contemporary art and design from Africa

The young Franco-American entrepreneur, Victoria Mann, launches AKAA, a commercial and cultural platform dedicated to contemporary art and design from Africa. She surrounds herself with a committee of international experts, like Simon Njami, artistic director of the 12th Dakar Biennial and Elizabeth Lalouschek, artistic director and sales director of October Gallery (London).

A journey of discovery

The 30 international galleries expected to participate in this first edition of AKAA are dedicated to present the richness of contemporary art from Africa in all of its plurality as expressed by African continent artists ; African diaspora artists ; and artists whose work reflects their personnal experience of Africa.

Akaa foire d art contemporain et de design centre sur l afrique demoiselle 187  cabinet rouge  2015  178 by 46 by 42cm  coconut palm trunk  carved  hard wood  lacquered  medium
Jean-Servais Somian, Demoiselle 187, Cabinet rouge, 2015 Courtesy 50 Golborne


A platform of cultural exchange

Les Rencontres AKAA will offer a number of conferences, roundtable discussions, films screenings and artistic performances, giving voice to those who fuel the growing conversation about the evolution of contemporary art in Africa.

A global reading of the art scene from Africa

AKAA is a celebration of the creative spirit of Africa, as well as a journey of discovery of those artists, leading and emerging, in and out of the continent, whose talent is at the forefront of contemporary art in Africa.

AKAA claims an Africa without borders, a moving territory, a continent that cannot be reduced to a single definition.


The program

Carreau du Temple Temporary
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4, rue Eugène Spuller

75003 Paris



Opening hours

Friday & Saturday November 10 & 11, 11am-8pm —Sunday November 12, 11am-8pm

Admission fee

Full rate €16.00 — Concessions €8.00

Gratuit moins de 18 ans