Alexandre Singh — La Critique de l’École des objets


Installation, sound - music

Alexandre Singh
La Critique de l’École des objets

Past: April 22 → June 19, 2011

Alexandre Singh examines the intellectual phenomena and commercial products of our consumer society through the lens of an ironic archaeology. His works consist of a blend of such diverse narratives genres as collage, the university lecture and Shakespearian drama.

The School for objects Criticized; Alexandre Singh’s first solo presentation in a French institution; is an installation that takes the form of a theatrical play in which the role of artwork and spectator are inverted: the objects on display (a toaster, a bottle of bleach, two tape players, a sculpture, a slinky toy and taxidermic skunk) speculating about the world of human beings.

The pompous declarations of these characters/ objects invite us to question our own discussions about art and culture. The underlying text of this piece draws its inspiration from the self-referential theatre of Molière, the 2nd century Ad satirist Lucian of Samasota’s parodies of socratic dialogue, and even Woody Allen himself.