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Past: November 17, 2023 → January 27, 2024

Animals is a collective exhibition that brings together artworks from different cultures and periods, all exploring the theme of the animal figure.

From Roy Adzak’s “Organic Form (Negative Object),” 1966, to Gilles Aillaud’s gouache on paper “Poissons,” 1982, and André Bauchant’s historic painting “Nature Morte,” 1924, to the massive oak object, blurring the lines between sculpture and furniture, “Oak Dresser with Pigs,” 2021, by Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel, and concluding with the iconic sculpture “Beginnings of Space Travel,” 2002, by Werner Reiterer.

The exhibition features works by Roy Adzak, Gilles Aillaud, André Bauchant, Robert Devriendt, Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel, Philippe Mayaux, Werner Reiterer, Victorien Sardou, and a selection of masks from the Bobo, Dan, and Dogon cultures (XIXth and XXth centuries).

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