Art Elysées 2013 — La peinture à l’honneur


Painting, photography, sculpture

Art Elysées 2013
La peinture à l’honneur

Past: October 24 → 28, 2013

On the occasion of Art Elysées, Michèle and Odile Aittouarès chose to give pride of place to painting, inviting Jean Pierre Schneider, Herta Müller, Michel Haas — three artists who all consider it as their primary means of expression.

Jean Pierre Schneider’s work has been displayed at the gallery for many years. Through his last topic entitled Les Nageurs, the Swimmers, he confronted the immensity of the sea with the dynamic and determined movement of the human body. Movement, water and earth are undoubtedly Schneider’s favorite elements. That is a point that Schneider shares with Herta Müller, painter whose main inspiration comes from landscapes.

German, a confirmed artist on the international scene, Herta Müller also is a professor at the Beaux Arts Academy of Berlin. Her work is regularly showcased at Art Basel and she will be presenting of her artworks at Art Elysées, which will be telling the story of the evolution of her technique. First, an abstract landscape is brought to life by a sinuous and light-colored line, which then evolves and becomes this large and colorful stroke.

With Michel Haas, painting goes beyond the frame. It becomes a frame in itself. The background withdraws, and painting — “alive material”— starts animating the depths of the feature. Painting in relief, “that is how I see it”, he says.

These three artists share the same commitment for painting, a land of freedom for their poetic expression.

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