Art Paris Art Fair — 2023


Mixed media

Art Paris Art Fair

Past: March 30 → April 2, 2023

Art paris art fair general 14 1 grid Art Paris Art Fair 2023 — Impression générale Art Paris Art Fair réinvestit le Grand Palais éphémère pour une 25e édition placée sous le signe de l’engagement. Une édition décisive qui acte autant le retour définitif à la normale d'un monde culturel post-pandémie que la possibilité pour ce rendez-vous d'ancrer officiellement un moment de rayonnement international de la scène artistique parisienne dans le printemps à l’heure où la FIAC a disparu. Art Paris est désormais la seule foire historique d’art contemporain à Paris.

Art Paris is celebrating its 25th anniversary with an edition that will bring together some 134 galleries from 25 different countries at the Grand Palais Éphémère from 30 March to 2 April 2023. Art Paris — which was founded in 1999 — is organised by France Conventions, a French family-run business. Thanks to the efforts of Julien Lecêtre and Valentine Lecêtre, Directors of France Conventions, and its general commissioner, Guillaume Piens; in the space of 25 years, Art Paris has become a leading spring arts event, an innovative art fair that fosters discovery, setting out to explore in depth the world of modern and contemporary art.

A regional, national, and cosmopolitan fair, Art Paris has put the spotlight on many countries or continent’s art scene: Russia (2013), China (2014), Singapore and Southeast Asia (2015), Korea (2016), Africa (2017), Switzerland (2018), Latin America (2019) and the Iberian Peninsula (2020).
In parallel, Art Paris is committed to supporting the French scene. Since 2018, it has been asking an exhibition curator to turn a subjective, historical, and critical eye on a selection of specific projects by French artists from among the participating galleries. A specific theme is chosen, and the focus is accompanied by a text presenting their work. In 2018, François Piron considered those artists whom history had passed by. This was followed in 2019 by A Gaze at Women Artists in France curated by Camille Morineau and her association AWARE, Common and Uncommon Stories by Gaël Charbau (2020), Portraiture and Figuration by Hervé Mikaeloff (2021) and Natural Histories by Alfred Pacquement in 2022. This year’s theme is Art & Commitment with independent exhibition Marc Donnadieu.