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Mixed media

Asia Now
Galerie Maria Lund

Past: October 17 → 21, 2018

The Korean landscape is tinged with a dramatic history: occupation, war and the division of the peninsula into two Koreas. Confronting this reality, soothing, reconciling and dealing with others in their distinctiveness are topics addressed by the three artists presented:

Lee Jin Woo

Lee Jin Woo creates painting-reliefs made of dozens of strata (Korean Hanji paper, coal, pigments or Indian ink) which surface is reworked to make tracks, open and reveal. Media for meditation, these landscapes extend space-time. The eye enters ever more deeply; comfort and calm settle.

Asia now art fair paris charbon de bois et papier hanji, 2017 leejw 1 medium
Lee Jin Woo, Sans titre, 2017 — charbon de bois et papier Hanji — 134 x 152 cm © de l’artiste & Galerie Maria Lund
Min Jung-Yeon

In a figurative language where abstraction subtly slips in, Min Jung-Yeon shows the struggle and the interleaving of different forces and natural elements (geology, organic and architectural elements or living specimens). Notions of weaving and cohabitation are at the heart of her recent work and materialize in the meeting of nature and civilization, between the smoothness of paint drippings and the mastered rigor of drawing.

Asia now maria lund under my skin art fair 1 medium
Min Jung-Yeon, Under my skin, 2018 — Aquarelle et crayon sur papier — 99,5 x 109 cm © de l’artiste & Galerie Maria Lund

The universe of Shoi reveals an intimate world, rendered with a mix of naturalistic precision and innocence. Her new sculptures are dense shapes, cumulations of real stones and ceramic ones she created as well as human and animal elements — like shamanistic objects. The two types of “stones” are partly made of the same matter; they have a common root, a common origin. From their juxtaposition a metaphor emerges: Shoi raises the question of the two Koreas and their possible reconciliation — with the hope and tension that comes along with it.

Shoi asia now paris 2018 art fair 1 medium
Shoi, Je ne pense plus, mais je suis là toujours © de l’artiste & Galerie Maria Lund
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Wednesday, October 17: 11am-7pm Thursday, October 18: 11am-7pm Friday, October 19: 11am-8pm Saturday, October 20: 11am-8pm Sunday, October 21: 11am-6pm

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Full rate €15.00 — Concessions €10.00