Becker & Friends — Carolin Eidner, Friedrich Kunath et Florian Meisenberg


Painting, mixed media

Becker & Friends
Carolin Eidner, Friedrich Kunath et Florian Meisenberg

Past: October 23 → December 5, 2015

We all (Johannes and Bernarda Becker and I) first met when I was showing at LISTE Art Fair, thirteen years ago. Since then, we see each other several times a year in different places, like Cologne, Paris, Basel, London, and Miami. You, Johannes and Bernarda, come to Paris for the FIAC almost every year.

At dinners, I’m always happy to see that I’m sitting next to artists or gallery directors who are friends of yours and the Becker family (your two boys are also very involved in art). Human relationships seem very important to you in your interactions with the art world.

A year ago, after FIAC, we decided to organize a show in my Paris gallery with some German artists you collect and who have become your friends. It is because of you that I wanted to do this show with them in Paris. Above all else, I wanted to show how a collector plays a key role in the art world.

It is because of you and Bernarda that this show is happening, because of your very strong relationships with these artists that we can work on such a project. I know that these three artists have been selected from the many others you collect because you value your interactions with them, in addition to enjoying the time you spend with them visiting their studios and exhibitions.

Excerpt from Johannes Becker’s interview by Hervé Loevenbruck, October 2015

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