Ben Thorp Brown — L’Arcadia Center — Satellite 12



Ben Thorp Brown — L’Arcadia Center
Satellite 12

Ends in 6 days: June 18 → September 22, 2019

Ben thorp brown jeu de paume musee exposition 1 1 grid Ben Thorp Brown — Jeu de Paume Pour ce projet présenté au Jeu de Paume jusqu’au 22 septembre, Ben Thorp Brown répond à l’invitation de Laura Herman à penser l’arc... 1 - Pas mal Critique

Ben Thorp Brown’s (born 1983, New York) work addresses embodied experience, perception and memory. Responding to ongoing economic, environmental and technological change, he seeks to develop possibilities for human agency within complex systems through embedded research, process and collaboration with a range of participants.

Curator : Laura Herman.


Ben Thorp Brown

Jeu de Paume