Bertrand Lamarche — Looping



Bertrand Lamarche

Past: April 16 → May 28, 2011

In spite of his newsworthy coverage on the French and international institutional scene (Nuit Blanche at the Pierre Bergé — Yves Saint Laurent Foundation, Palais de Tokyo, Confort Moderne, Festival Exit, September gallery, Berlin), Bertrand Lamarche has not had a personal gallery exhibition in over a decade. Henceforth associated with the Poggi & Bertoux gallery, Bertrand Lamarche will take over the entirety of the gallery with a personal exhibition. The exhibition will also be presented in Berlin at the September gallery.

Entitled Looping, the exhibition is mainly made up of an installation that will occupy the lower level of the gallery. This new work constitutes an additional stage in the development of the artist’s fictitious cabaret. The obsessive voice of Kate Bush, that listeners could have heard during all of February on the Palais de Tokyo «repondeur», sets a rhythm to the perpetual movement of an anamorphic mirror driven by a record turntable, projecting a luminous spectral image. A group of drawings and photographs round out this main installation, which finds an echo in another installation on the ground floor, this time depicting a meteorological landscape.

With the support of the Centre National des Arts Plastiques, Ministère de la Culture

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