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Brian Calvin
More Days

Past: June 2 → 26, 2021

Almine rech gallery 1 grid Brian Calvin — Galerie Almine Rech, Matignon La galerie Almine Rech accueille au sein de son espace Matignon une nouvelle exposition du peintre Brian Calvin (né en 1969), qui p... 2 - Bien Critique

Almine Rech — Paris — Matignon is pleased to present ’More Days’, Brian Calvin’s fifth solo exhibition with the gallery, on view from June 2 to 26, 2021

More Days, Brian Calvin’s new exhibition at Almine Rech — Paris — Matignon, presents ten new paintings made especially for the occasion over recent pandemic months. The title inevitably alludes — or so it feels — to the period of forced seclusion we have collectively endured worldwide, a seemingly endless amorphous repetition of sameness in a physical and psychological universe that shrank more and more as time went by.

Yet More Days also refers to the cumulative experience that constitutes Calvin’s practice, where every day brings new discoveries and renewed ways of applying paint to canvas, of envisioning compositions and arranging colors in a lifelong quest to create each work with a fresh perspective. The title also harkens back to Days, one of Calvin’s first major solo shows at the now-defunct Marc Foxx gallery in Los Angeles in 2000, and with it an assessment of the time that has passed in a career that now spans decades and an oeuvre that has necessarily evolved in the process.

Noëllie Roussel, Art critic and writer

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