Les mouches volent en carrés — Carte blanche 3 à un collectionneur


Drawing, installation, sculpture, mixed media...

Les mouches volent en carrés
Carte blanche 3 à un collectionneur

Past: June 23 → July 24, 2011

For its third « Carte Blanche », Bendana I Pinel Art Contemporain asked Hervé Acker, amateur and collector of contemporary art, to be the curator of the exhibition. He chose as artists Sylvain Bourget and Julien Nédélec, who agreed to realize this group exhibition. Through a selection of videos, sculptures and drawings, both artists create a dialogue rich in sense and originality.

Sylvain Bourget approaches his work with the eye of a documentarian. He gives up any system of pre-established thought in relation to what he describes. He submits himself to the events as if the complexity of reality always exceeds our capacity of understanding. Nothing spectacular or dangerous ; rather actions whose absurdness saves from the commonness. Bourget’s artistic actions hold a poetic responsibility and a subversive potential.

Julien Nédélec, amateur of puzzles, does not look for their solutions, but for the problems. He chooses simplicity as soon as things become complicated. He observes the forms of the world as ideal mathematical objects playing equations. Julien Nédélec’s work encircles the outlines of forms and theories, cuts them and adjusts them as he pleases. He then reassembles them to show an increased or even decreased reality.

Internet is an important source of inspiration to both artists. To the question put on the site http: // fr.answers.yahoo.com « why do flies fly in a square pattern? « ; « undercover « answers that flies fly in geometrical patterns while «fragnatic5930» explains that they fly in squares because they do not fly in triangular patterns. Even if it is not very probable that dipterous have a particular tendency for geometry, our capacity to abstract from behavior to create formal languages, may reveal something about our relationship to nature, culture and aesthetic notions.

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