Xie Lei — Chant d’Amour



Xie Lei
Chant d’Amour

In 25 days: September 3 → October 8, 2022

Semiose is delighted to welcome Xie Lei for his first solo exhibition at the gallery, which will be held from 3 September to 8 October 2022. Its title Chant d’amour, refers to Jean Genet’s film and emphasizes the literary and cinematographic influences that infuse Xie Lei’s highly sensitive universe.

In the previously unseen paintings featured in this exhibition, the subject matter intrigues through its exploration of the in-between world betwixt sleep and death or torment and eroticism. Xie Lei’s painting is singular in that it offers up an alternative perception of time: in a salutary manner, it suggests a slowing of the spectator’s gaze and an escape from the intoxicating rush of immediacy and constant acceleration.

Xie Lei uses the expression “_entre chien et loup_” referring to the twilight period of uncertainty between dusk and nightfall, to describe the troubled and ambiguous aura that pervades his paintings. The concept of “the uncanny” borrowed from Freud (Das Unheimliche) might also be used to describe the atmosphere of his paintings with all the contrasting elements that this notion evokes: the familiar and the secret, what is hidden and what is revealed, the homely and the unknown, the intimate and the outside world.

Henri-Claude Cousseau introduced the paintings of Xie Lei with the following words: “They are not quite landscapes, not quite portraits and neither genre nor historical scenes… Yet all of this at the same time, mixing sequences, fragments, excerpts that appeared from somewhere, escapees of a fiction as yet undiscovered.”