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Choices Paris
Galerie Jaeger Bucher

Past: May 29 → 31, 2015

Choices julien previeux galerie jousse entreprise 02 grid Choices Paris 2015 Pour cette seconde édition de Choices, quarante galeries s’associent pour proposer l’un des derniers temps forts de la saison artistique parisienne. Un week-end de présentation de solo shows dans toute la ville qui fait écho à la grande exposition organisée aux Beaux-Arts de Paris de ces artistes dont le commissariat est confié à Alfred Pacquement.

Evi Keller exhibition is on view from 31 May to 18 July 2015

The Galerie Jaeger Bucher exhibit, in its Marais Rive Droite space, the work of artist Evi Keller, who presents her solo show from the 31st of May until the 18th of July 2015. Entitled Matière — Lumière it will be inaugurated at the Gallery on Saturday 30th May 2015 from 3:00pm until 6:00pm as part of the « Choices Collectors Weekend ». Special opening of the gallery Sunday, in the presence of the artist.*

*A Matière — Lumière installation will also be presented by the gallery at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts from the 29TH to the 31ST of may 2015 (Curator Alfred Pacquement).

After the original presentation of Matière — Lumière at the most recent Nuit Blanche, and the ensuing exhibition as part of the YIA Art Fair in the Saint Denys du Saint Sacrement church, this exhibition embodies the initiatory journey of the artist and marks the presentation to the world of this new form of artistic expression.

A projection room will be dedicated to showing the audiovisual work Matière — Lumière [Towards the light — silent transformations], the veritable cradle of Matière — Lumière, at 7 rue de Saintonge. Her photographic imprints, bearing witness to a transformation process, crystallise the experiences of life and embody them in spaces of transition, outside the simple markers of the real. The Matière — Lumière experience continues with installations at 5 rue de Saintonge. The passage from one to the other unites the real and the imaginary, the exterior and interior worlds, materiality and spirituality in an experience outside of space and time, leading from absolute darkness towards the light.

The complexity of Matière — Lumière, having neither references nor affiliations, is part of its great richness.

There is no affiliation to a «defined» artistic current, nor reference to any particular means of expression. It’s about a fusion of different means of expression, the crystallisation of artistic approaches such as photography, painting, sculpture and audio-visual work.

2015, 90TH Anniversary of the Gallery and international year of light. Matière — Lumière, event “2015, Année de la Lumière en France”


By turns stained-glass windows, oriental rugs, royal overcoats, chasubles, Evi Keller’s purple and black dyes, in their vital emotion, her veils of light stir up the most indistinct, the most enthralling and, without a doubt, the most dream-like reminiscences in our imaginations. They do so in three-starred constellations: Cluny, Holbein, Aubusson; Persian, Doge and Papal palaces; the dagger, the ring and the dungeon; the jugular artery, alchemy and the vault; the birth, the burn, the burial — black light. And while the shimmering allows for the fleeting apparition of lapis lazuli, saffron, rubies and silver, one cannot escape for long the effect of the essential, organic colour triptych — red, gold and black — through which Evi Keller works with her «light matter», giving form to the indivisible link between the two. In putting the three densest colours in dialogue, in infinite, ever renewed variations, Evi Keller places her work under the triple sign of blood, light and death. For what gives life and death to matter is light, without which it would remain inert. For there is the vital task of the artist or the poet, without which we would never be able to yield to this «evidence» (…)

Fragment of Frédéric Ogée’s text for the “Matière — Lumière” exhibition

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5 rue de Saintonge

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T. 01 42 72 60 42 — F. 01 42 72 60 49

Saint-Sébastien – Froissart

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Tuesday – Saturday, 10 AM – 7 PM

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