Tomaso Binga — Corps — poésie


Collage, drawing, installation, photography

Tomaso Binga
Corps — poésie

Past: September 16 → December 16, 2023

“Corps — poésie” is the first solo exhibition in France by Tomaso Binga (b. 1931 in Salerno, lives and works in Rome), a major figure on the Italian art scene since the late 1960s. This exhibition spans several decades and themes—identity and gender, social critique, the reappropriation of language, the manifest body—while also including previously unseen works.

Tomaso Binga is the pseudonym that Bianca Pucciarelli Menna has used, with irony and an eye on the future, since 1971, to challenge the privileges of the masculine world of society in general and the art world in particular. Her practice involves collage, assemblage, poetry, painting and performance. Through her writings, which shift elegantly between text and image, she is one of the leading figures of Italian performance poetry.

“Corps — poésie”, in dialogue with the residential nature of the art centre’s architecture, is witness to the importance and vitality of a unique practice in today’s artistic, social and political context.

  • Opening Saturday, September 16, 2023 6 PM → 9 PM
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1 rue Jean-Jaurès

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