Cosmos — Susumu Shingu


Drawing, installation, painting, sculpture

Susumu Shingu

Past: May 15 → September 22, 2018

Susumu shingu exposition paris jeanne bucher jaeger 1 1 grid Susumu Shingu — Galerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger La galerie Jeanne Jaeger Bucher accueille, en parallèle de sa grande exposition au Mudam Luxembourg, une rétrospective des œuvres d... 1 - Pas mal Critique

Susumu Shingu is an artist who is extremely sensitive to nature and perceives the endless potential of its variations, which probably explains for the delightful freshness of his work, its surprising capacity to renew itself. The wind is there, always, everywhere. It is an invisible movement of atmosphere; but, following its own whim, it leaves its mark. It rises, it falls, elusive and versatile. However, without anything to push against, the wind remains abstract. Susumu Shingu’s sculptures materialize it without merely reducing it to the role of supplying power. The blowing wind plays with the elements as it pleases, and modifies them constantly. An inert body stirs, it is injected with life and soul, and one thinks, for example, of the shots of Yasujirô Ozu’s films, in which colorful clothes hung on a line rise discreetly with the breeze. Time is suspended in space; it does not flow, but repeats itself. This endless succession of moments is like a series of fleeting poems that convince us of the cyclical nature of the living world and its eternal rebirth — that is what Susumu Shingu’s works reveal to us.

Marie-Noëlle Farcy and Clément Minighetti, excerpt from the catalogue for the exhibitions Spaceship and Cosmos, May 2018

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