Daisuke Kosugi — Une fausse pesanteur



Daisuke Kosugi
Une fausse pesanteur

Past: October 15, 2019 → January 19, 2020

Daisuke kosugi jeu de paume 1 grid Daisuke Kosugi — Jeu de Paume Cette année au Jeu de Paume, le programme Nouveau Sanctuaire explore la façon dont l’architecture se rapporte au corps et aux sens.... 2 - Bien Critique

In film, sculpture, performance and text, Daisuke Kosugi constructs seductive scenarios that entail an underlying conflict between personal freedom and systems. Whether by portraying how creativity is mined by the creative industry in a Post-Fordist labour market, or through a narrative of creativity that is not convertible to economic or cultural measures of productivity, Kosugi unpacks these struggles through the lives of individuals.

His semi-autobiographical films guide audiences through intimate experiences where the conflict is rendered bodily and emotional. Through layers of fiction and non-fiction he constructs a self-reflective mode of viewing, a method of storytelling developed from his interest in empathy and the incommunicability of pain.

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