Dauphins, Dauphines — Charlotte Khouri


Film, installation, painting

Dauphins, Dauphines
Charlotte Khouri

Ends in 15 days: June 10 → July 18, 2020

Play on language, architectural odds and ends, everyday actions, wigs and assorted other props all intermingle smoothly in the performatory, cinematic and sculptural practice of Charlotte Khouri (b. 1985, lives and works in Paris). In turn TV continuity announcer, therapist for artworks and impersonator second to none, she just loves undercutting our preconceptions with sensory twists and turns and unexpected perceptual insights. Result: a subtle balancing act that has the semantic and the visual simultaneously complementing and contradicting each other.

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Charlotte Khouri, Nuit majeure, 2020 Photo © Charlotte Khouri

For her first solo exhibition, Charlotte Khouri has used her new film Nuit majeure (2020) as the basis for an immersive installation that merges with the art centre space.

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