David Hockney — A Year in Normandie



David Hockney
A Year in Normandie

Past: September 22, 2022 → April 23, 2023

The Bayeux exhibition will bring Hockney’s frieze, previously shown at the Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris, and its muse together in an unprecedented face-à-face, in the form of half scale reproductions of the monumental works shown on the second floor of the museum.

This dialogue between the famous embroidery (11th century) and David Hockney’s imposing frieze will allow visitors to immerse themselves in the two narratives simultaneously. Visitors will thus be able to observe and compare the stylised representations of trees in the Tapestry with the fruit trees in the artist’s orchard.

“If you look closely, the two masterpieces, with admittedly very different artistic techniques, immortalise a specific moment in time. Both freeze-frame a conquest: that of a Norman Duke in England in the 11th century for one, and that of nature in Normandy and its constant renewal regardless of human turmoil for the other,” explains Antoine Verney, curator of the Museums of Bayeux.

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13 bis, rue de Nesmond

14400 Bayeux

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Du 01/03 au 31/10 de 09h à 18h30 (19h de mai à août) et du 01/11 au 28/02 de 09h30 à 12h30 puis de 14h à 18h — Fermeture annuelle les 24/12 après-midi, 25/12, 26/12 matin et 31/12après-midi — Fermeture du 1er au 31 janvier inclus

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  • David Hockney