David Hockney — The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate


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David Hockney
The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate

Past: May 21 → July 24, 2015

David hockney ipad drawing galerie lelong 05 original grid David Hockney — Galerie Lelong La galerie Lelong expose les fameux « Ipad Drawings » de David Hockney, une série réalisée en 2011 qui faisait de l’artiste l’un de... 2 - Bien Critique

« I used to think the computer was too slow for a draughtsman. You had finished a line, and the computer was 15 seconds later, an absurd position for someone drawing, but things have improved, and it now enables one to draw very freely and fast with colour. There are advantages and disadvantages to anything new in mediums for artists, but the speed allowed here with colour is something new, swapping brushes in the hand with oil or watercolour takes time.»

David Hockney.

The acclaimed exhibition in 2012 at the Royal Academy in London showed the extent to which Hockney’s work includes a tangible mix of historical, traditional influence, and brand new medias, as demonstrated with these iPad drawings, featuring the Yorkshire landscape, printed in 2014-2015, and showcased for the first time in Paris in two successive exhibitions.

French-English catalogue, Repères n°164, texte by Philippe Dagen.

  • Opening Thursday, May 21, 2015 6 PM → 8:30 PM
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