Dilemme  — Solo show de Naji Kamouche


Drawing, installation, sculpture

Solo show de Naji Kamouche

Past: January 24 → March 16, 2013

Dilemmae is the third solo exhibition of Naji Kamouche. It marks the fifth birthday of the School Gallery and testify to the close cooperation between the artist Naji Kamouche and his galerist Olivier Castaing.

Naji Kamouche’s reflexions turn around the lost man, the sleepy man, who kill, die, dream, again. Mens gets war passion. And there is always something, someone to defend. A God, a land, an honnor, an idea even. So they attack men, they destroy, reduce to nothing, the other, the other one. They assasinate, burn and mix with blood, the power, howls. Balls, in the heart, in full head. There are, martyrs, pierced skin, more and more, scattered. Ashes. Everywhere there are.

Naji Kamouche tells it, shows it by provocative images who hurt the life and pass very close to death, limit points, all in all.

He lights the wick and three pump rifles, three neon, shining as much as teach supermarket or sex shop. And in lower part, arms, gilded casings stays, pile up and flow in a trough. By million, those balls create a huge hill of anguish, a cold and metalic mass grave. Just behind that, there is a multicoloured sea of cartridges with small white houses. We can’t hear anything, no tears, no shouts going out from those houses. Everything is calm now. Death took merry hues, because there is nothing left. With the top of all that, behind those colors, he wanders of the tombs without names. There are other houses, a little further, houses picked with a thread of virgin cotton. They look like small things, cosy and without danger.

Through Naji Kamouche universe, those small houses became quickly cages, without any windows, deaf and mutes, structures who strangle rumors. Inside those houses also we die, slowly. Inside we undergo, we are afraid, we are ashamed. « A demeure, je meurs» tells Naji Kamouche.

Naji Kamouche’s work deal with all opressions, submissions and hopes. He cross the world’s incomprehension, it complexity, it many dilemmae who haunt men and stay wildly, to the poesy and the nobility. Spirit.

Julie Esteve, november 2012
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