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Drawing Now Paris 2011
Galeries parisiennes

Past: March 25 → 28, 2011

Poggi, Bertoux associés / Objet de production

Poggi & Bertoux associés gallery, by devoting its booth to Bertrand Lamarche’s drawings, concurrently with a major one-man show in his name at the gallery, pursues its exploration of the very notion of drawing, in its most contemporary aspects.

Besides his preparatory sketches that at times take on very accomplished forms — as revealed in his study for his recent installation at the Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent or his architectural drawings — it is “between the lines” that is enacted his relationship with drawing, taking on digital, indeed heliographic or photogenic, shapes, drawn with “the pencil of nature”, to recapture the expression by pioneer of photography William Fox Talbot.

A collection of graphic works by Philippe Caurant and Dominique Furgé will round out this panorama of contemporary drawing, alongside some rare works on paper from the 1970s by Dutch artist Kees Visser.

La Galerie Particulière

Joseph smolinski original medium
Joseph Smolinski, Moose, série Disconnected, 2010 Crayon sur papier — 35 × 28 cm Courtesy La Galerie Particulière

Eric Dupont Gallery

Where is drawing going? To this recurrent question, I want to answer : “We can’t stop it, drawing goes everywhere”.

The proof is in the proteanpractices of numerous artists who have for some time been expanding drawing’s province towards other domains, such as sculpture, video and, of course, photography, for example Etienne-Jules Marey’s photos of smoke, dating from 1874.

Yazid Oulab uses barbed wire, defining with a single twist the image that he wants to create: a nail, a hand, an animal. The shadows of the mobile sculptures by Clement Bagot and Didier Mencoboni draw random shapes on the walls that surround them, incessantly changing by playing subtly with a look that wants to embrace them all at once. In the centre of the stand, Siobhan Liddell sets on a table graphic elements that were left in the studio; she manipulates, cuts and twists them, and in so doing the drawing becomes space.

Eric Dupont

F  medium
Clément Bagot, Sans titre, 2010 Encre sur papier — 13 × 23 cm Courtesy galerie Eric Dupont, Paris

Galerie Aline Vidal — Media Art

The gallery présents François Morellet, Herma de Vries, Elika Hedayat, Miquel Mont, Etienne Pressager.

Fran ois morellet pliage   45  d un calque avec un carr  1978 encre  crayon  calque  papier sous cadre  52 x 104 cm   courtesy galerie aline vidal media art medium
François Morellet, Pliage à 45° d’un calque avec un carré : 1) 0°-90° / 2) 45°-135°, 1978 Dessin unique, Encre, crayon, calque, papier sous cadre — 52 × 104 cm Courtesy Galerie Aline Vidal — Media Art

Gilles Peyroulet & Cie Gallery

Guido crepax histoire d o 1975 publi en album aux ditions livre essor sign e r dit en 1984 aux ditions dargaud encre de chine et grattage sur carton 51x 36 5 cm courtesy gilles peyroulet cie paris medium
Guido Crepax, Histoire d’O, 1975 Encre de chine et grattage sur carton — 51 × 36,5 cm Courtesy Gilles Peyroulet & Cie, Paris

Charlotte Norberg Gallery

Brankica zilovic an momorphose  2010 fil et textile sur toile  diam tre 60 cm   courtesy galerie charlotte norberg medium
Brankica Zilovic-Chauvain, Anémomorphose, 2010 Fil et textile sur toile — Diamètre 60 cm Courtesy galerie Charlotte Norberg

Véronique Smagghe Gallery

Laurence nicola medium
Laurence Nicola, Humeurs, 2009 Encre de chine sur papier — 52 × 72 cm Courtesy galerie Véronique Smagghe

Maria Lund Gallery

Female landscapes maintain the long commitment between Galerie Maria Lund and drawing in its most diverse forms, from the simple line and application of fluid matter to cut-outs and the creation of volume.

This project confronts female landscapes from artists of different origins: Catherine Maria Chapel (France), Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen (Denmark), Lyndi Sales (South Africa) and Yoo Hye-Sook (Korea) around a one-woman-show by Min Jung-Yeon (Korea). This multiplicity of views explores sometimes ambiguous territories, appealing to our senses.

In her own way, Min Jung-Yeon takes us into a personal world, bathed in great sensuality, where her anxieties and desires are revealed. If her universe reminds us of the Surrealists, above all it is one belonging to a contemporary woman who has integrated two very different cultures and the virtual imagery born from digital technology.

Metropolis Gallery

Pages de dae jin choi 2010 original medium
Dae Jin Choi, Tha Andaman sea, November 29, 1987, 2008 Wallpainting — 812 × 350 cm — one piece Courtesy de l’artiste

Galerie Zürcher Paris / New York

Matthew bollinger the double  le double 2009 graphite sur papier  76 x 56 cm   courtesy z rcher paris  new york medium
Matthew Bollinger, The Double, 2009 Graphite sur papier — 76 × 56 cm Courtesy Zürcher Paris/ New York

Galerie Catherine Putman

The Catherine Putman gallery is specialized in works on paper of contemporary artists.

The gallery will present a one-man show of Alvaro Oyarzun, a chilean self-taught artist born in 1960. He constantly produces series of drawings made on colored papers, combined to create a narration with no apparent order. The artist considers caricature and self-mockery as analysis tools to question the artist’s character, helplessly facing the contemporary art world contradictions. Some of Alvaro Oyarzun’s drawings will be shown at Je te mange, tu me manges, an exhibition standing at La maison rouge in Paris from February to May.

The gallery will also display some recent drawings of Champion Métadier, Carmen Perrin, Frédéric Poincelet and Georges Rousse.

Lelong Gallery

W15895 red column bd medium
David Nash, Red Column, 2010 Pastel sur papier — 140 × 90 cm © David Nash — Courtesy galerie Lelong Paris

Jean Fournier Gallery

Claude t tot sans titre  2009 huile sur papier  70 x 100 cm   courtesy galerie jean fournier   cr dit photographique laurent lecat medium
Claude Tétot, Sans titre, 2009 Huile sur papier — 70 × 100 cm Courtesy Galerie Jean Fournier — photo © Laurent Lecat

And the galleries: Martinethibaultdelachâtre, Galerie 13 Jeannette Mariani, A.L.F.A, Bernard Bouche, Jean Brolly, Galerie Placido, Bernard Jordan, Claudine Papillon, Christine Phal, Polad-Hardouin, Galerie RX, Schirman et De Beauce, Semiose, Suzanne Tarasiève, Vidal-Saint Phalle, Beatrice Binoche, La Ferronnerie, Brigitte Négrier, Galerie Vieille du Temple, Christian Berst, Orel Art Paris / Irragui Moscow, Isabelle Gounod, Olivier Robert, Odile Ouizeman, Galerie Polaris, Samantha Sellem, Meyer Contemporain, Laurent Godin.

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