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East side stories
Vidéos contemporaines croates

Past: September 28 → December 10, 2012

East side stories offers a selection of five artists, from several generations, using the medium of video and film and representing different aspects of the contemporary Croat scene.

Dalibor martinis was regarded as one of the pioneers of the art scene in eastern europe in the 1970s. He played an active part in establishing an alternative scene in yugoslavia which, for all that it was behind the Iron Curtain, still received information from outside.

Igor grubić, Andreja Kulunčić, David maljković and Renata Poljak belong to a generation that started to work in the 1990s. most of them enjoy international recognition, while resolutely inscribing their practice in the context of present-day Croatia.

They question data associated with history, the heritage of modernist utopias, and develop art embedded in an extremely complex political and cultural reality. moving images appear as a favorite means of defining new links with reality and undertaking an analysis of images of the past.

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Alma – Marceau

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Every day except Tuesday, noon – midnight
Closed on tuesday

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Full rate €12.00 — Concessions €9.00

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The artists

  • Renata Poljak
  • David Maljkovic
  • Dalibor Martinis
  • Igor Grubić
  • Andreja Kulunčić