Épatez la galerie ! — Restitution des projets hors les murs et des ateliers pédagogiques


Mixed media

Épatez la galerie !
Restitution des projets hors les murs et des ateliers pédagogiques

Past: June 10 → July 13, 2023

Opening and snack, Saturday 10 June, 2:30pm

Each year La Galerie, centre d’art contemporain d’intérêt national de Noisy-le-Sec presents “Épatez La Galerie !”, an exhibition showcasing its approach to education and the partnerships developed throughout the season. Professionally produced, it exhibits and reactivates the work of staff artists Sarah Nefissa Belhadjali and Laure Wauters, created during the workshops held in conjunction with exhibitions from September. These workshops are the heart of the art centre’s educational programme and let young people from Noisy-le-Sec discover the artworks, the work and the thinking of contemporary artists through discussion and practice.

“Épatez La Galerie !” also highlights the range of projects developed beyond La Galerie’s walls. Conceived and led by artists, they offer sensory experiences that promote exchange and joint creation. Extending over long periods, with inhabitants, people who frequent Noisy-le-Sec and associations, these cultural action projects create strong links and encourage dialogue between the art centre, artists, the public and local stakeholders.

“Épatez La Galerie !” is part of the educational and global project initiated by la Ville de Noisy-le-Sec, the purpose of which is to implement the educational policy of the territory. It concerns the different stages of human life, from birth to entry into working life: family time, school time, extracurricular activities, free time, holidays and daily life.

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