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Fabienne Verdier

Past: October 23, 2009 → January 9, 2010

The exhibition presents some forty new works by the French painter Fabienne Verdier. Including large scale canvases, inks and pastels on paper, the exhibition sets out to explore three themes: Lines space-time, Branching, and Incandescence (tribute to Flemish Masters).

Known for her ten-year apprenticeship in China with well-known masters of calligraphy, related in the bestseller novel Passagère du Silence, and present in major international collections, Fabienne Verdier’s painting is eminently personal, internal and spiritual. It is the result of an immense creative freedom and the fruit of a long preparatory asceticism. Her ancestral technique acts as both a bedrock and springboard of the emergence of a succession of inspired fluxes, which guide us towards a reflection on the metastructures of life.

Fabienne Verdier’s painting is continuous with the experiments of American abstract painters — Tobey, Kline, Still, Pollock or De Kooning -, and carries on the work of artists who have explored the line, such as Matisse, Michaux or Degottex…Each of her canvases contains a subtle balance and conveys a quest for the simple.

Fabienne Verdier’s frescoes take us deep into the alchemy of painting and her multiple forms in constant movement gives us a metaphysical experience. Standing in the middle of the canvas, the act of painting charges the ink with an inner vision, thus suggesting the Essence of the real.

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