Fabrice Hyber — Matières Premières


Mixed media

Fabrice Hyber
Matières Premières

Past: September 28, 2012 → January 7, 2013

The exhibition is constructed as a mental landscape. It is organized round a certain number of modules. visitors will be able to test POFs (prototypes d’objets en fonctionnement — prototypes of working objects) and objects or experience situations. In this “campsite of works” where artifice replaces nature and nature is controlled, encircled, the outside brushes against the inside.

Fabrice Hyber

The Palais de Tokyo welcomes Fabrice Hyber (b. 1961), one of the most inventive and influential artists of his generation. attracted by our new spaces, Fabrice Hyber takes them over to create “a reformatting place, with two ways in: one active, the other contemplative”. Thanks to an overhanging environment making it possible to put old and new works into perspective, the artist reorganizes the parameters of the world. These novel constructions, in a way illustrations of deconstructed logic, thus cause new habits to appear; it only takes a square football or the change in scale of a raw material to shift our standpoint. Thus from an exploded and imploded world Fabrice Hyber recomposes a new universe, through prototypes and drawings, the raw material of that world.

The exhibition when active is designed as a living organism that parasitically takes space over, inviting viewers to behave differently. When passive, it becomes a paradoxical landscape.

That footbridge, that imaginary line that links the works to one another, is also a real crossing of time. as they make their way, viewers are invited to superimpose — in accordance with a bird’s eye view, and above all a retrospective view — the past on to the present, memory on to recollection, the work on to its resurgences, so elaborating new forms of stories, new systems of interpretation.

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Alma – Marceau

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Every day except Tuesday, noon – midnight
Closed on tuesday

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Full rate €12.00 — Concessions €9.00

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