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Françoise Pétrovitch
Habiter la villa

Past: May 24 → September 24, 2023

Francoise petrovitch peintre 3 grid Françoise Pétrovitch — Musée de la vie romantique Invitée par Gaëlle Rio, directrice du musée de la Vie romantique, l’artiste française expose une quarantaine de nouvelles œuvres. D... 2 - Bien Critique

On the occasion of her carte blanche in the jewel of modernist architecture that is the Villa Savoye, Françoise Pétrovitch has specifically produced around fifteen new paintings and sculptures in dialogue with the site. Through her use of the range of colors chosen by Le Corbusier — his famous “Architectural Polychromy”- and in adapting the dimensions of her oeuvres to the villa, the artist perpetuates the master architect’s work, following in the footsteps of Eugénie Savoye, who commissioned the building in 1928. Through her delicate touch, the oeuvres infuse the villa with new life in a fully assumed relationship that is both domestic and decorative. A painted bouquet of flowers in the entrance hall, a boy in bronze in the bathroom or a painted landscape of the same size as the windows in the living room, along with other works, repopulate the “machine for living” that the villa embodies.

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