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Architecture, photography

Gitty Darugar Photographe
Formes et Lumière

Past: April 20 → May 16, 2018

Gitty darugar exposition paris galerie d architecture 2 1 grid Gitty Darugar — La Galerie d’Architecture La Galerie d’Architecture présente, du 20 avril au 16 mai une exposition de la photographe Gitty Darugar, Formes et lumière, qui ré... 2 - Bien Critique

Form, function, light, and color are the concerns of architects and their constructive creations. In her photographs of the buildings of the architect Christian de Portzamparc, the photographer Gitty Darugar interprets these physical structures in abstraction — an abstraction of light and color that crystallizes these forms into compositions of unanticipated beauty. The architect’s three-dimensional elements are, of course, present, but we do not see these «man-made» shapes until Darugar’s magical photographic eye has transformed them into two dimensions. Her architectural photographs demonstrate not only how Architecture and Nature imitate one another — but also how, through Darugar’s work, this dialogue can achieve further creative expression in photography.

“Text to Gitty Darugar’s photographs ‘les abstractions’, of the Architecture of Christian de Portzamparc”, Robert McD. Parker, art historian, New York.

  • Opening Tuesday, April 24, 2018 6:30 PM → 9 PM
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