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Guy Leclercq

Past: June 13 → July 28, 2018

Abstraction is how Guy Leclercq expresses his freedom. Geometry is his language and his words are the blacks and the whites, the forms and materials. Leclercq makes his work the expression of his life. I love the simplicity of his forms, the sobriety of his colours: he tells his story inn a refined language.

Jean-Jacques Dutko

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Guy Leclercq, Sans titre (12.20), 2012 Oil on canvas — 47,2 × 39,4 inches

The strength of the painter Guy Leclercq’s works contrasts with the artist’s gentle imagination. His natural gentleness is crucial to understanding his work.

To observe Guy Leclercq’s works is to become aware that his universe is only an ellipse or a refined and stylised metaphor. He assembles a square or a circle, then superimposes or glides one element into another using binary accords, which are in turn used to disrupt a graphic sign, a detail, a smile, using black and white contrasts in the process.

The use of subtle shades of white, black, ochre, taupe grey or brown, tempered by casein, highlights the geometry of his purpose. The chromatic paleness of his works forms a unity of subtle grace that contributes to the harmony of each composition.

Each work is prepared according to a simple technique. The bottom is coated with casein, applied randomly. Guy Leclercq uses Spanish white, different blacks preserved in jars: mummy black, vine black, carbon black, triple black etc.

Light also plays an important role, sculpting through a line, a curve, a semicircle, a rectangle, a line, a stroke, never lacking in tension or sensuality.

After Fred Lanzenberg & Anne Adriaens-Pannier

Lecl g o 1545 medium
Guy Leclercq, Sans titre (15.44), 2015 Oil on canvas — 47,2 × 39,4 inches


Guy Leclercq was born in 1940 in Opbrakel, Belgium. In 1957, he enrolled at the Institut Supérieur Saint-Luc in Ghent where he followed Gaspar De Vuyst’s courses.

Then he continued his studies at the Royal Academy of Antwerp. He became friends with Fred Bervoets and Josef Van Ruyssevelt. Guy Leclercq met Lionel Vinche with whom he worked for many years.

His first solo exhibition was held at the Galerie La Madeleine in Brussels in 1965, followed by other exhibitions in Belgium in Antwerp, Ostend, Deinze and Ghent, Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Beirut in Lebanon.

From 11 March to 22 April 2018, Guy Leclercq once again exhibited his recent works at the Mudel Museum in Deinze, Belgium.

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Guy Leclercq, Sans titre (16.02), 2016 Tempera on paper — 11,4 × 9 inches
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