Hanns Schimansky — La Ligne Claire



Hanns Schimansky — La Ligne Claire

Past: May 29 → September 25, 2010

The exhibition of drawings by Hanns Schimansky is extended until 25th of September 2010.
The gallery will be closed for the summer from tuesday 20 July til tuesday 31 August 2010. Re-opening wednesday 1st of september 2010.

For his solo show, entitled La Ligne Claire, Hanns Schimansky is showing 54 drawings made between 2007 and 2010. These drawings, written as much as drawn, attempt to capture and extend the present moment, to mirror the rhythm of the universe. Using and provoking the idea of chance, he metaphorically slows the headlong speed at which we live in today’s world, dominated as it is by the media. Geometric shapes and intercrossing, looping lines, accentuated by the folds in the paper he uses, form Schimansky’s unmistakeable energetic graphic style: cities and landscapes appear, through which we are invited to travel.

“By holding the instrument at an acute angle to the surface in order to make downward moving lines or rolling the drawing tool to make at twisting, rough-edged line, Schimansky undermines the more familiar, fluid movement of a pencil or paint stick across the paper. (..) In some drawings, it’s as if different abstract, hieroglyphs have invaded each other’s territory, forming a new hybrid language”, writes John Yau, poet and art critic, in the introduction for the catalogue for this show.

Hanns Schimansky was born in 1949 in East Germany. Trained as an agronomist engineer, he decided in 1979 to devote his career to art and more particularly to drawing.

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