Interlude bleu — Exposition capsule


Design, photography, sound - music, mixed media

Interlude bleu
Exposition capsule

Past: August 17 → 27, 2022

From August 17 to 27, Bigaignon is pleased to present a very special exhibition entitled “Blue Interlude”. This exhibition will feature an exceptional artwork by French artist Thomas Paquet created from a musical composition, and will also introduce for the first time a variation of the gallery’s famous jacket made with haute couture fabrics, the result of a collaboration with the Soubacq French clothing brand!

For this end of the summer period, in between two exhibitions and during which the Parisians are already almost all back home while the tourists are still very present in the capital, the photosensitive contemporary art gallery wanted to surprise its customers and its visitors alike by offering them a very unique exhibition. After having opted for the exhibition of a single work, they needed to select an exceptional piece. The work of Thomas Paquet, entitled “Ils écoutent la couleur” (« They listen to the colors » in English), finalist of the SwissLife 2022-2023 prize, quickly became an obvious choice. And Thierry Bigaignon adds: « This special artwork, created for the SwissLife prize and in collaboration with the composer Pascal Lengagne, has an unusual format of 2m60 long by 1m27 wide. It is a unique piece that should be appreciated on a face-to-face basis. It will be exhibited for the first time, and shown in a particular setting with the music it was created from. »

But that’s not all!

In 2021, as the Bigaignon gallery moved into its new space at 18 rue du Bourg-Tibourg in the Marais, the gallery owner decided to collaborate with the stylist Katarzyna Cichy to create a gallery jacket, a never-before-made workwear! Together they imagined a jacket that was both beautiful and functional, and which has since been worn by all the members of the team, including Thierry Bigaignon! “We received many compliments from our customers who asked us if they could buy one. This idea remained on my mind until I met Louise Drouhet, founder of Soubacq, a clothing brand specialized in the use of haute couture fabrics leftovers. As we shared so many common values, a collaboration seemed obvious to me”. A few months later, eight variations of the gallerist’s jacket were created, all made from haute couture fabrics in a shade of blue. Louise Drouhet explains: « I selected and proposed to Thierry Bigaignon very beautiful fabrics and we very quickly made the choice of the color blue as a link between all these beautiful materials. These fabrics, each unique and made by the most prestigious companies, go from cotton velvet to cold wool, and even vinyle! Made 100% in France and even locally in Paris, these unisex and one-size-fits-all vests can be worn in all seasons and are offered as unique pieces. They are a great gift to the those who love beautiful things! »

The pieces of this capsule collection will be presented as artworks from August 17 to 27 at the gallery, alongside the work of Thomas Paquet.

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