Jeffrey Silverthorne — Pleasures, Sadness, Sometimes



Jeffrey Silverthorne
Pleasures, Sadness, Sometimes

Past: January 23 → March 27, 2021

Jeffrey silverthorne pleasures sadness sometimes 1 grid Jeffrey Silverthorne — L’ahah, Paris L’ahah présente une exposition de Jeffrey Silverthorne qui, si elle couvre temporellement la quasi-totalité de la carrière du photo... 2 - Bien Critique

“From his first Polaroids in 1968 through his most recent series, Jeffrey Silverthorne has incessantly questioned the matrix of desire and death. Whether encountered by chance or skilfully staged, the languid or vanquished bodies we see in his photographs inhabit a liminal zone between the real world and classical archetypes. But neither the violent intrusions of everyday life nor the pictorial artifice of pose entirely dispel the mysteries of time and creative inspiration at the heart of the artist’s work.”

Sonia Voss, about Pleasures, Sadness, Sometimes.