Jeune Création — 66e édition — Photographie


Drawing, installation, new media, painting...

Jeune Création — 66e édition

Past: January 17 → 25, 2016

Curated by Emmanuelle Coqueray, Margaret Dearing and Edwin Fauthoux-Kresser.

A specific program dedicated to photography was inaugurated this year in the form of a continuous projection in the exhibition space, showing various practices and contemporary approaches to the medium.

This projection presents the work of twenty young artists and photographers from past editions of the annual exhibition Jeune Création or invited by the curatorial team consisting of Emmanuelle Coqueray, Margaret Dearing and Edwin Fauthoux–Kresser.


List of artists

Jeannie Abert
Thomas Albdorf
Romain Baujard
Gaël Bonnefon
Antoine Bruy
Sandra Calligaro
Clara Chichin
Lise Dua
Benoît Géhanne
Pauline Hisbacq
Stelios Kallinikou
Marine Lanier
Laure Ledoux
Arnaud Lesage
Mehryl Levisse
Iorgis Matyassy
Benjamin Mouly​
François Santerre
Michel Slomka
Andrejs Strokins
Johanna Wallin
Bruno Zhu

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