Jeune Création — 66e édition


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Jeune Création
66e édition

Past: January 17 → 24, 2016

Image grid Jeune création 2016, notre sélection Du 17 au 25 janvier se tient la 66e édition du salon Jeune Création qui quitte, cette année, le 104 pour prendre ses quartiers à Pantin, au cœur de la galerie Thaddaeus Ropac. Une nouvelle direction pour un salon qui continue de séduire.

Jeune Création is an artist’s collective working together since 1949 to build a “grand-oeuvre”, questioning what is at stake in the art world. 2016 will open with the 66th edition of the international Jeune Création exhibition at the Thaddaeus Ropac gallery, in Pantin.

The exhibition is rounded out by an additional programming and an original cultural mediation, which puts into perspective the works shown in relation to other fields of practice and knowledge, as well as actions with the judicial protection of youth.


Associated programming

  • To give substance to an event celebrating — for the 66th time — young creation, it is important to devote a series of moments to performance art. The afternoon and evening of Saturday, January 23, are thus thought of as a time for presentation but also exchange and encounter.
  • For the second year in a row, Jeune Création offers a selection of young artists’ works dedicated to net art, visible on http:// Kévin Cadinot and Caroline Delieutraz, curators of this edition, have chosen to focus on the question of the object’s status in virtual universes.
  • A specific program dedicated to photography was inaugurated this year in the form of a continuous projection in the exhibition space, showing various practices and contemporary approaches to the medium.

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Artists Focus

Marie-Johanna Cornut

Marie-Johanna Cornut’s art making process finds its source in drawing to then expand to sculpture, installation or performance. Architectural or performative questions are central in her work. Her installations are characterized by timeless spatial constructions : they are the trace of an accomplished action of which these “object-images” testify.

Jeune creation marie johanna cornut la mecanique celeste 2.0 2014. installation sculpture   tissu bois peintures aerosols plastique moquette pvc dibond   540 x 400 x 240 cm medium
Marie Johanna Cornut, La mécanique céleste 2.0, 2014 Installation sculpture — tissu, bois, peintures, aerosols, plastique, moquette, pvc, dibond — 540 × 400 × 240 cm


Gregory Mc Grew

Gregory Mc Grew builds fictional spaces, toying with their perspective through layering and scale distortion. His hybrid work mixes video compositions, 3D and installations, shattering our visual perception and inviting us into mystical, metaphysical and digital explorations.

Our notions of time and space become blurred as he leads us to strange, otherworldly environments.

Mcgrew gregory jeune creation 2016 medium
Gregory Mc Grew, One A Pawn a Time, 2015 Installation vidéo holographique, boite en bois noire, écran LCD, pyramide en résine — 40 × 40 × 20 CM


Alix Desaubliaux

Alix Desaubliaux’s digital work explores these questions by focusing on concerns raised by new media and their repercussions on our behaviours. Her board game-shaped piece encourages the audience to experience the relations between human and virtual. Through the use of immersive environments specific to video games and new langage systems developped for the Internet, she evokes the perception of a new reality.

Jeune creation alix desaubliaux trophy ndeg12 2015 impression 1015cm medium
Alix Desaubliaux, Trophy N°12, 2015 Impression — 10 × 15 cm



At the age of big data and information superstructures, fleuryfontaine approaches data flow and the hectic exchanges they generate as a material and testing ground. Essential components of our everyday lives, information and communication technology are central to this artist duo’s research.

Examining the relations man establishes with his environment, Galdric Fleury and Antoine Fontaine question the history of memory techniques to let the logic that undergoes and links them together appear. Imbricating real and digital space, their installation and performances bring the visitors to reflect on intimacy, work, classification and war.

Fleuryfontaine jeune creation 2016 medium
Fleuryfontaine, I Need a Haircut, 2014 Film génératif, casque de réalité virtuelle, durée indéfinie


Louis Granet

Louis Granet’s practice grounds itself on the links between comics and painting. The artist develops techniques and codes learned from comics in order to apply them on several supports.

Signs, lines, and shapes represent the starting point of his aesthetic experiments.

The reappropriation and superimposition of images have a tendency to disorient the public: the viewer is confronted both to abstract shapes and figurative and physical images.

Jeune creation louis granet  king crabes22 2015 acrylique sur toile 162x130x25 cm  1  medium
Louis Granet, King crabes, 2015 Acrylique sur toile — 162 × 130 × 25 cm


Lou Masduraud

Lou Masduraud’s performances test the limits and possibilities of sound. Her sounds evolve according movement, and to contact with sensitive objects that respond to vibrations.

Body and object, as well as sound and space, feed off each other. The involvement of bodies (be they human or sculptural) in this device lends the experience a sensual aspect. As we make our way through this sensory experience we are bought to acknowledge these strange electric figures, as they represent our collective fears regarding technology and transhumanism.

Biennale jeune creation 2016 lou masduraud  medium
Lou Masduraud, Sans titre, 0


Juliette Goiffon & Charles Beauté

Juliette Goiffon & Charles Beauté are explorers of the modern world. They define their work as “attempts”, as experiments in imaginary situations. Striving to encapsulate specific moments, they remain constantly aware of the absurdity of their actions. Their work includes a certain amount of instability and is often bought to change shape and appearance during its exhibition.

Jeune creation goiffon beaute constellation precaire v.3 2013 medium
Goiffon & Beauté, Constellation précaire, 2013


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