João Onofre — Box sized Die featuring No Return



João Onofre
Box sized Die featuring No Return

Past: Thursday, March 24, 2011 at 7 PM

For the first session of exhibitions in 2011, the hall of the Palais de Tokyo will be home to a work by João Onofre. Box sized Die featuring No Return, 2007-2011 is both a sculpture and a performance. It consists of a black metal cube with sides measuring 183 cm. Making a direct reference to the minimal sculpture work by Tony Smith, and in particular his piece Die, João Onofre explores the potential of this black box by getting a Death Metal band to play inside it.

Activated, the work offers an invisible show contained in a closed space. Only the residues of the sound vibrations attest to the inner power. The length of the performance is variable since the musicians are putting their physical limits to the test in experiencing imprisonment and asphyxia. João Onofre makes the experience of an animated static object palpable while depriving visitors of any visible spectacle.