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John Tremblay

Past: April 21 → May 14, 2016

John tremblay 3 grid John Tremblay — Galerie Triple V La galerie Triple V confirme la dynamique amorcée par la fantastique exposition inaugurale de son nouvel espace rue du Mail. Un lie... 2 - Bien Critique

“The impression of familiarity which Tremblay’s work may at times prompt has less to do with any formal proximity towards other painters than with certain procedures used, certain colors, formats, motifs and compositions, and with their propensity to be attuned with everything outside of art. Regardless of the simplicity and ordinariness of the forms his paintings adopts, it is not without affinities, intellectually speaking, with the approach of other artists whose work tends towards a certain “Pop” abstraction.
In his work, Tremblay never quotes from forms drawn directly from the tradition of abstraction. What he borrows in an oblique and discreet way, are essentially elements stemming from specific re-interpretations of abstraction, like the derivative forms of Op Art. As a result, he reintroduces forms which had been evicted from art in the form of “by-products” or “derivatives” : a re-appropriation of what has been taken from painting (or what painting has given away of its own accord)."

Extracts from Vincent Pécoil, John Tremblay, ed. Jean Michel Place, 2005

  • Opening Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 6 PM
Triple V — Rue du Mail Gallery
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