Julieta García Vazquez — Union des poètes et des boulangers


Urban art, installation, mixed media

Julieta García Vazquez
Union des poètes et des boulangers

Past: June 22 → September 9, 2018

The Argentinian artist Julieta García Vazquez develops group projects answering to specific contexts, be they social, urbanistic or environmental. She imagines actions and collaborations that waver between the need to answer to a situation and the possibility to let poetry and utopias emerge. Preserving, transmitting, reactivating and imagining lie at the origin of each project, thought out collectively, for example bringing together the inhabitants of a neighbourhood, a social-professional category or the fringes of a particular population.

In Julieta García Vazquez’s work, the collaborative form is an aid for reflexion about society, its organisation and possibilities. In 2005, she cofounded the Rosa Chancho group of artists and the exhibition space of the same name in Buenos Aires. Through its numerous interventions and experiments, the group examines exhibition forms, the fields of creation and group actions. In her personal work, Julieta García Vazquez shifts away from the exhibition format and develops her research from encounters and exchanges. While the projects she sets into motion sometimes produce documents or objects, she develops her artistic practice on the margins of any form of materiality or depiction.

In the context of her SAM ART Projects residency, the artist has conceived a group project based on bread. In association with bakers and poets, she is proposing phases mingling the making of bread and a reflexion about its symbols, its history and its issues linked to contemporary matters.

Curator: Adélaïde Blanc

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