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Keiji Uematsu
Seeing / measuring / ...

Past: November 3 → December 24, 2016

There is a sense of gravity at the root of our sense. A space of gravity can be formed, where invisible gravity and attraction can be recognized by sight. I think about creating a small universe in the gallery, in which the space of gravity shows a relationship with the earth and the universe, nature and human existence. As we cannot exist in the earth without gravity and attraction, the universe, the sun, the earth and stars can be existed decisively by a big invisible gravitational field. Gravity is the biggest constraint for matters, the world and the earth, showing verticality and horizontality as the axis to direct and constitute the world.

I believe that, in the exhibition of Invisible Force, a space could be created, which overturns our ordinary sense of sight and discovers something beyond perception.

keiji uematsu
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