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Ends in 3 months: January 26 → April 23, 2023

Photography, film, painting, sculpture, installation and site-specific intervention: although they are based on a variety of media and techniques, the works of the six artists brought together in the exhibition L’Irrésolue, presented from 26th January to 23rd April 2023 at Le Plateau and curated by Anne-Lou Vicente, share an appetite for mystery, secrecy, the uncertain and the invisible as much as the unspeakable. They form the framework of a non-linear, fragmented or even suspended narrative, offering a plural, open and changing interpretation.

Simultaneously combining the effects of surface (exterior) and content (interior), transparency and opacity, the spaces, objects and bodies they represent are charged with an enigmatic and fictional potential that is enhanced by their troubled, ambiguous and inaccessible character, thus stirring up curiosity and the desire to know/see.

Most often pre-existing, found, recovered before being moved, modified and arranged, the constituent elements conjure up a familiar reality tinged with strangeness and allow us to glimpse, through projection, something below the surface of the exhibition as well as the consciousness and memory.

Overlapping, spreading out, effacing, montage, stacking, layering, juxtaposition, opening, incrustation, infiltration, etc. In a manner that is both visible and invisible, the gestures in question suggest notions of seriality, reproduction and repetition, fragmentation and lack, while at the same time translating the logics at work here of mise en abîme, stratification, (dis)simulation and back-and-forth —  across spaces and times, the spectrum of ages as well as colours —  participating in a certain fantastic and cosmetic depth. In an ambient chiaroscuro, between activity and vigil, an intermediate and unstable state unfolds and reveals its transforming and emancipating power.

Are we dealing with an enigma, a person, an investigation, an image, an equation or a simple question? From signs to clues, from reflections to connections, from glimmers to air flows, L’Irrésolue outlines the vague contours of an elusive figure who, however reserved and pensive, resists.

Curator : Anne-Lou Vicente

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22 rue des Alouettes

75019 Paris

T. 01 76 21 13 41



Opening hours

Wednesday – Sunday, 2 PM – 7 PM
Late night and drinks : 1st Wednesday of each month (except opening dates) until 9pm

Admission fee

Free entrance

The artists

  • Éléonore Cheneau
  • Leslie Thornton
  • Joanna Piotrowska
  • Nadia Belerique
  • Camille Brée
  • Céline Vaché Olivieri