La réception de l’Œuvre de Philippe Thomas — Parole aux artistes


Installation, photography

La réception de l’Œuvre de Philippe Thomas
Parole aux artistes

Past: Thursday, May 15, 2014 6 PM → 8 PM

The reception context of Philippe Thomas’ works : letting the artists be heard

With: Rémi Parcollet and Aurélien Mole scomparo Sébastien Rémy Ludovic Chemarin (presentations by Isabelle from Maison Rouge, Damien Beguet and P. Nicolas Ledoux).

Normally, mfc-michèle didier only collaborates with living artists. The interactions between the editor and the artist that take place in the course of a series of meetings are fundamental and embody the essence of a publisher’s work.

This is why, along with Émeline Jaret, the curator of the exhibition Philippe Thomas: AB (1978-1980), we have decided to let the contemporary artists whose works are in progress talk.

The roundtable will be punctuated by 4 successive interventions, each of which will cast a new light on Philippe Thomas’ work by the singular way of thinking presented by the participant. The speakers will discuss subjects such as fiction, mass, conference-performance, the name of the artist and his signature and the photography of exhibitions, each according to their field of expertise.

We will also gladly answer any further questions by e-mail at or by telephone at +33 1 71 97 49 13.

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