Le Rêve des formes — Exposition collective


New media, mixed media, video

Le Rêve des formes
Exposition collective

Past: June 14 → September 10, 2017

The exhibition “The Dream of Forms”, presented for the twentieth anniversary of Le Fresnoy school, has been conceived as an imaginary landscape, a monstrous garden with perishable forms growing in it, as well as germinating surfaces, protuberant organisms and flat figures.

The artists and researchers who have been brought together in “The Dream of Forms” testify to their encounter with the new possibilities of representation, derived from recent scientific and technological discoveries, which shake up our way of seeing and showing. By renewing in this way the field of the perceptible –with nanotechnologies, synthetic images, 3D scans, stereolithography etc.– these new visualisations hint at as yet unknown geometries.