Le vent se lève — Dixième exposition de la collection


Mixed media

Le vent se lève
Dixième exposition de la collection

Past: June 17, 2020 → March 17, 2021

Mac val exposition vitry tatiana trouve 1 grid Le vent se lève — MAC VAL, Vitry Le Mac Val propose, avec Le vent se lève, un parcours fantastique dans la création d’aujourd’hui avec une sélection d’œuvres de sa collection qui rappelle la finesse de ses choix autant que l’intelligence de ses positions.
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For the tenth hanging of its collection, in its fifteenth year, MAC VAL has chosen to concentrate on works that bear witness to Man’s relation to the Earth itself, the foundation under his feet, his Earth, his support and source or life. How do we express what is at stake in our bond to the World? What are the symbols and vestiges of this terrestrial adventure? How do we bear witness to the risks facing life in a universe that is at once so intimate and so vast? On this Earth Man makes his way, conquering, appropriating and destroying in the same movement. But through this action of wayfaring he weighs his relation to the world and affirms it. The works in this exhibition evoke the complexity and ambivalence of the uses and practices of this Earth, which are sometimes respectful, often criminal.

If this collection of works transcribes different facets of a history that men create, and for whose current consequences they must bear responsibility, it is traversed too by the subject of walking, which constitutes its guiding thread. Desire Lines, the installation by Tatiana Trouvé, provides a sensory archive of this.

This generous gift by the artist compiles two hundred and twelve great marches from the history of literature, music and poetry, but also from protest and liberation movements. This history explores a relation to the World that is both physical and spiritual.

In line with themes broached in previous years, MAC VAL is reaffirming its engagements. With each new hanging it reveals new facets of a collection that is alive and engaged with the world.

“Le vent se lève” brings together eighty works by fifty-two artists from different countries and across generations.

The exhibition follows a series of themes that connect and dialogue with each other, guiding visitors in their exploration. The works give a glimpse of the imbalance between the very long time-frame that preceded the appearance of Man and human and, recently, chemical time, in which experiments precipitate an impact that is all too often destructive.

  • Opening Friday, March 6, 2020 at 6:30 PM
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