Les Univers d’Anna-Eva Bergamn



Les Univers d’Anna-Eva Bergamn

Past: January 19 → March 9, 2019

Anna-Eva Bergman (1909-1987) has been in a life-long quest of the Absolute through her minimalist landscapes, transcended by the silver beam of the Norwegian light, or drenched by the Mediterranean sun of the Spanish and French coasts. These landscapes have reached a cosmic dimension with the series “Planets” started in the 1950s by the artist and achieving their pinnacle in 1969, as Bergman’s fascination for the space conquest grew with the Man’s first steps on the moon.

Gathering a particularly rare ensemble of paintings from the Hartung-Bergman foundation, the exhibition reveals another of Bergman’s “universes”, rather more down to earth: a series of previously unreleased drawings, dated 1938, meant to illustrate a cookbook of worldwide recipes that the artist had written in her prime (1934). Entitled ‘Casseroles’, the publication has been edited for the first time by the Hartung-Bergman Foundation and will be launched at the gallery on the occasion of this exhibition.

Exhibition organized in partnership with the Hartung/Bergman Foundation and with the support of the Norwegian Embassy.

  • Anna-Eva Bergamn — Les Univers d’Anna-Eva Bergamn Opening Saturday, January 19, 2019 2 PM → 8 PM
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