L’ordre des lucioles



L’ordre des lucioles

Past: September 15 → October 31, 2015

Prix ricard fondation l ordre des lucioles 1 grid Prix Ricard, L’Ordre des lucioles — Fondation Ricard Invité à imaginer le parcours de cette exposition du 17e Prix de la fondation d’entreprise Ricard, Marc-Olivier Wahler, ancien directeur du Palais de Tokyo et perpétuel aventurier de la création contemporaine formalise avec cette exposition un pan de l’univers qu’il s’est toujours attaché à explorer, les mystères de la matière et la poésie du quotidien secret des choses du monde.

“The Prize Fondation d’entreprise Ricard 2015 opens up areas of research which seem, at first glance, very removed from each other, but turn out to be informed by unusual systems of liaisons. Thousands of fireflies emit bioluminescent light at regular intervals. They flash in unison at the same rhythm as the stridulations of hundreds of crickets, and metronomes. This experience of synchronicity echoes the heartbeats that all visitors perceive when they plunge into waters where “aquatic” poems are broadcast. These waters hem an island which researchers have tried to capture in its entirety. Was it to better camouflage a secret laboratory equipped to extract precious substances from our computer puzzles ? Or to plan, in the greatest secrecy, a vehicle designed to cause its own destruction ? These areas of research reveal surprising prospects about the way in which the objects forming our world are connected with each other, synchronized, and mutually influence one another.”

Marc-Olivier Wahler

  • Opening Monday, September 14, 2015 4 PM → 9 PM
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