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Past: October 18 → 25, 2020

Marais Art Week: an open international fair in the Marais

The Marais galleries have decided to organize a contemporary art special week, from Sunday October 18th to Sunday October 25th 2020.

For a week, the Marais will be the international place for contemporary art: counting on the domestic-international interest, each gallery, during this week, receives a foreign colleague, besides its own program.
The galleries will be open two Sundays on end, with an international artistic program. The mobile application will be updated and will propose geo-located new maps and routes to reach the galleries.

The French art dealers Committee backs this project and relays it with “Pari(s) de l’art” (i.e. Paris betting on art), with a series of venues in the week from October 19th to October 25th. In this context, the galleries of the Marais Art Week will also take part in the Thursday October 22nd night.

50 galleries in the Marais invite 50 galleries from 11 countries

At least about fifty contemporary art galleries in the Marais take part in this open fair week. Among those, the galleries who have initiated this collaborative project, Danysz, RX, Polaris and Anne Barrault galleries.
Galleries such as Nathalie Obadia, Valeria Cetraro, New Galerie, Thomas Bernard/Cortex Athletico, Frank Elbaz, Suzanne Tarasieve, Andrhen Schiptjenko, Papillon… are also part of the Marais Art Week. International exchanges and the interactions between galleries, dealers, art lovers and collectors will be emphasized. Eleven countries from all over the world are represented: Europe, Africa, America and Asia. Galleries from Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Luxemburg, Spain, Netherlands, the United States, Canada, Japan, Morocco, or even Turkey will be there. Christian Berst invite Blum & Poe gallery from Los Angeles, Nathalie Obadia will receive Rodolphe Janssen from Brussels, Ceysson & Bénétière collaborates with 56 Henry gallery from New-York

The Sunday openings of the : a new source of artistic exchanges

The Sunday openings of the started six months ago thanks to four galleries wishing to initiate a collaborative movement in order to stimulate the artistic and cultural interactions in the Marais. These Sunday openings are to be found on the mobile application (to download on, which identifies the participating galleries, gives the dates of Sunday openings and proposes artistic routes.

Practical Information

Marais Art Week by marais-guide: from October Sunday 18th to October Sunday 25th 2020 ( Monday closed)
CPGA Night in “Pari(s) de l’art” context : Thursday October 22nd till 10pm
Application to be downloaded on


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