Marianne Mispelaëre — On vit qu’il n’y avait plus rien à voir



Marianne Mispelaëre
On vit qu’il n’y avait plus rien à voir

Past: February 16 → May 13, 2018

Winner of the Grand Prix at the 62nd Salon de Montrouge, Marianne Mispelaëre observes, produces and reproduces with concise, simple, and precise gestures inspired by current social phenomena. In her drawings, she deploys energy, gestures, media and signs. These elements can be apprehended at various scales and through various media, from a sheet of paper to a wall, from video to performance. “With history as a basis, and a collective future as a horizon,” her work unveils a sensitive and vibrant vision of the world. Marianne Mispelaëre records and reveals through measured gestures “the porosity between the act and its environment,” between appearance and disappearance. For her exhibition at Palais de Tokyo, Marianne Mispelaëre considers ghostly monuments, which, through their very absence, continue to inhabit the landscape. Destroyed for ideological reasons, these architectural and sculptural works leave behind a negative silhouette in the urban fabric, a void that attests to their amputation: “we saw that there was nothing left to see”, in the words of a journalist invited by the Taliban to bear witness to the destruction of the monumental Bamiyan sculptures in Afghanistan. Drawing on contemporary history, Marianne Mispelaëre explores the notion of absence as an intensification of disappearance and the relationship between global and local perspectives.

Curator : Adélaïde Blanc

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