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Mixed media

Marie Ouazzani & Nicolas Carrier
Sol fictions

Ends in about 2 months: February 4 → May 27, 2023

Employing various formats, the exhibition Sol fictions presents spaces that are at once “haunted by pollution”, refuges of silent plant species, and vestiges of urban utopias created by the architects and town planners of the 1960s and 1970s. In late summer 2022, Marie Ouazzani & Nicolas Carrier filmed a fiction in several places in the north-east of Paris: Noisy-le-Sec (municipal greenhouses, wastelands in the Merlan area), Bobigny (La Prairie du Canal) and an underground farm in the capital’s 18th arrondissement.

Marie ouazzani nicolas carrier 14 1 medium
Marie Ouazzani & Nicolas Carrier, Vue de l’exposition « Sol fictions », 2023 Photos © Aurélien Mole © Adagp, Paris, 2023

Shown in La Galerie alongside photographs, maps and installations, the film tells the story of the ground, the surface on which species — human, vegetable, animal — survive, propagate, help each other and sometimes fall. In the indeterminate temporality of this panorama, we are able to fathom the impact of climate change on the bodies and the capacity of living beings to resist.

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  • Nicolas Carrier