Matière et Mémoire : la Demeure du Patriarche


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Matière et Mémoire : la Demeure du Patriarche

Past: November 19, 2013 → January 25, 2014

Vue exposition lnevelson grid Matière et Mémoire : la demeure du patriarche — Galerie Jaeger Bucher Trois espaces redessinent les lignes de force de la carrière du galeriste Jean-François Jaeger, à l’occasion de son 90ème anniversa... 3 - Bravo Critique

To mark the 90th birthday of Jean-François Jaeger, the gallery which now bears his name is to host an exhibition celebrating his 66 years as a gallery owner. It will look back over his career through the prism of the artists he championed, the long-running relationships he forged with art critics and institutions and the numerous collectors who learnt to trust the perspicacity of his artistic judgment — collectors with whom he constantly sought to create a dialogue right throughout his long career as a gallery owner — a dialogue which continues to this day.

A man with a mission: Jean-François Jaeger

By going back in time and embarking on a long, meticulous examination of its archives, the Jaeger Bucher gallery has been able to retrace the epic journey of a truly extraordinary gallery owner.

Jean-François Jaeger took over the management of the gallery in 1947, one year after the death of Jeanne Bucher. The young owner managed to maintain and even build on the reputation of this iconic gallery by respecting its dedication to artistic excellence and its passionate commitment to the art world, whilst simultaneously being very much ahead of his time in the identification of trends which now, more than 60 years on, are an integral part of our lives and times.

Rather than simply stacking up memories from exhibitions past, Matter and Memory: the House of the Patriarch takes up the challenge of plotting the course of a long career by following the creative development of the avant-garde artists that Jean-François Jaeger promoted, as well as highlighting his precocious perceptiveness and characteristic humility, which is seen in the motto that best expresses how he lives his life :

“Nothing belongs to me and I belong to everything.”

This event takes place in 2 venues
06 St Germain
03 Le Marais

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